Pope Francis is Going to Visit ISRAEL! Find Out Where!

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Pope Francis will be making a three day trip to the holy land to meet with high-ranking officials, some of which include Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. This interfaith outreach will make Pope Francis the FOURTH Pope to have visited Israel. Pope Francis will also be accompanied by Muslim leader Omar Abboud and Rabbi Abraham Skorka — all coming from Francis’ home country… ARGENTINA! (Read the full article here…)

Our team in the Bagel office is not only made up of various religious backgrounds and walks of life, but we also work with tons of artists from all over the world — one of which comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina! We’ve also created tons of Ketubahs for Interfaith Argentine couples in the United States and Argentina (check out the Subte de Buenos Aires Ketubah). We were surprised to learn that this is only the fourth Pope to visit Israel. We’re ecstatic to hear that there is a Pope that is not only willing to make the trip and continue to foster interfaith relationships throughout the world, but will also be taking in various historic and religious sites while in Israel. If you’re interested in finding out where (we definitely were!!), follow along here to find out (and get a visual tour!) all the stops and people Pope Francis will be visiting.

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