• About Us

    Hello and Welcome to Interfaith Ketubahs!

    We are the web’s leading and only Interfaith Only Ketubah page! We desire to create, provide, and spread gorgeous Interfaith only designs for all the couples searching for their perfect Ketubah. Wether you are looking for something more traditional, or completely modest and fun — we have a style for all tastes, religions, and languages!

    Planning a wedding can take a lot of work, especially when you have to try and blend two (sometimes three!) different religions, cultures, and customs! From the food and the ceremony to the first dance and beyond, it’s no wonder some choose to elope. However, here at Interfaith Ketubahs we are firm believers in “The More, The Merrier”. More fun traditions to take part in, tons of different languages to hear and learn, and let’s not forget the best part… the food! It was with this excitement that our team launched Interfaith Ketubahs — because we believe in the beauty of diversity, especially when it comes to love.

    Although our team is made up of many different faiths, cultures, and languages, we all come together for one reason — we are absolutely passionate about modern art and Ketubahs! Coming from various paths of life it is our diversity that makes our team absolutely unique, and perfect for working with Interfaith couples from all over the world.

    We approach each couple with excitement and joy, as well as an open heart and mind. We desire to create your perfect Ketubah that will play an integral role in not only your ceremony, but in your marriage as well. With years of experience and a team of dedicated Ketubah enthusiasts, we promise to deliver a stunning work or art that perfectly blends your beliefs, life, and most importantly… love!