• The Interfaith Ketubah


    One of our favorite parts of creating and designing Ketubahs are the lovely and dynamic couples we get to meet and work with. For many grooms and brides entering into an Interfaith marriage, the whole concept of a “Ketubah” is something completely new and different. Even some of our Jewish team members had to do some research to fully understand!

    So what exactly is a Ketubah? For fear of giving you a long winded history lesson we’ll make it short: The Ketubah originated more of a contract between Jewish couples who were going to get married. It more or less outlined what was to happen within the marriage — a dowry to the parents, the inheritance in case of death, etc. As ancient traditions go, the Ketubah changed and transformed into what it is today with not just an emphasis on text, but also the beauty of the design.

    Although the Ketubah was born out of Jewish wedding traditions, more and more couples are integrating faith, cultures, and languages everyday. Many couples approach us with the same question: How do we adapt the Ketubah tradition to integrate both faiths, not just one? For many, the text, rather than the design, is what they feel truly makes their Ketubah “Interfaith”.

    Traditionally Ketubahs were written in ancient Aramaic (and many still are!), however there are tons of texts that contain one or multiple languages. Many couples also choose to either pick from pre-written texts, create their own, or having a combination of both! Making the emphasis on spirituality and love, rather than a specific religion is always a helpful thought to have in mind when trying to decide what should be written.

    While some put an emphasis on text, others are more interested in the overall design and look. We have seen tons of stunning Ketubahs that had not only a moving text, but a design with spiritual symbols coming together in lively colors and style. After all, this is also a work of art that will hang in your home forever, why not make it completely and 100% unique to you both!

    More than anything, remember that the Ketubah is meant to serve as a declaration of your love and commitment to one another. It serves as a beautiful symbol of your union, and will continue to do so every day you see it. Nothing brings us greater joy than to create a Ketubah that can perfectly blend and balance dynamic faiths, cultures, families and love. We are so happy to bring the web’s only Interfaith Ketubah site to Interfaith couples all over the world. From direction and design, to the text and language options we are excited to work with you to create your perfect Interfaith Ketubah.

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