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    Interfaith Wedding Ideas

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    Planning an Interfaith Wedding can be a bit, well… complicated. It’s difficult to find a good balance between both of your preferences, religious backgrounds, cultures, and anything else in between! Although we create Ketubahs, we’ve been around the Interfaith wedding industry for quite a while. Time and time again we see the same stress and confusion, but we find that it’s all made up in the extra details. After all, that’s where you can truly see the interests and style of a couple! So — here’s our top five ideas of how to incorporate your unique Interfaith relationship into your wedding day:

    1. Food! Food! Food!

    Besides the awesome dancing and perhaps delicious wine, everyone knows it’s all about the food! Consider yourself lucky Interfaith couples because most likely you’ll have at least TWO different cultural backgrounds to pull from. Look into the significance behind some of your cultural dishes and get creative! There’s nothing quite like a delicious fusion dish to truly represent the beauty of love and marriage.

    2. Get COLORFUL

    Still searching for “your” wedding colors? Often couples choose their theme based on what they love or what’s in style, but even something as simple as your wedding colors can hold a special religious and/or cultural significance.

    3. Lead the Way.

    Create and write a directory explaining parts of your wedding! Sounds strange? Whether you’re choosing a more religious centered wedding, or something modern with subtle religious or cultural touches, having directories for each side of the family can be a nice way for everyone to be on the same page (literally!). And there’s something truly special about being able to fully understand and appreciate the beauty of diversity and it’s ability to come together over love and devotion.

    4. Picture Perfect

    Put together a small video (or even picture board for the technologically challenged!) that highlight your life until meeting one another. Focus on not only the fun, crazy moments in life, but the significant or religious milestones as well. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words — and we couldn’t agree more!

    5. All in the Details…

    And last, but not least — don’t forget about the small details! Weddings are made up of a lot of the bigger (and sometimes even boring) stuff like chair and table rentals. Take advantage of all the smaller things you can use to express your Interfaith relationship like table numbers or centerpieces.


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  • May

    Pope Francis is Going to Visit ISRAEL! Find Out Where!

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    Pope Francis will be making a three day trip to the holy land to meet with high-ranking officials, some of which include Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas. This interfaith outreach will make Pope Francis the FOURTH Pope to have visited Israel. Pope Francis will also be accompanied by Muslim leader Omar Abboud and Rabbi Abraham Skorka — all coming from Francis’ home country… ARGENTINA! (Read the full article here…)

    Our team in the Bagel office is not only made up of various religious backgrounds and walks of life, but we also work with tons of artists from all over the world — one of which comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina! We’ve also created tons of Ketubahs for Interfaith Argentine couples in the United States and Argentina (check out the Subte de Buenos Aires Ketubah). We were surprised to learn that this is only the fourth Pope to visit Israel. We’re ecstatic to hear that there is a Pope that is not only willing to make the trip and continue to foster interfaith relationships throughout the world, but will also be taking in various historic and religious sites while in Israel. If you’re interested in finding out where (we definitely were!!), follow along here to find out (and get a visual tour!) all the stops and people Pope Francis will be visiting.

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