Wonderful and Honest Article on Jewish-Muslim Intermarriages

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I just finished reading a wonderful article about a Muslim woman who married a Jewish man. What makes this article so profound is that it eschews the obvious and usual superficiality — instead, revealing their deep inner personality flaws and challenges they face not just with the relationship, but with themselves.

An excerpt:

There are obviously a number of problems that I need to address, like, for instance, the ethics of this man pretending to be a Muslim so that he can marry me, the strain of the compromises we’d be making on us individually, and on myself — I’d have to leave my mental health nonprofit plans (inspired by own bouts of depression and rage during our relationship) in India behind to settle down in the States and give up ever really living there. He’s made it clear he can’t, which makes sense — it’s not politically very safe for a Jewish man to be married to a Muslim girl from the hood, ya know?

Wow — he will pretend to convert, just to please her family! And that might not go over well with, well, anyone!

In general, here at Interfaith Ketubahs, we’re fans that love conquers all — but it can be a very very hard quest for the conquering. Sometimes even a pyrrhic one. But you need to try.

The Jews and Muslims have historically been at arms with each other. And we can think of new better solution than for everyone to fall in love with everyone else, mixing the entire world together — while preserving their most powerful and most amazing contributions.

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