What are some Synonyms for Interfaith Marriages?

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Interfaith weddings can go by many different words! And for the Ketubah… even more!

Sometimes, we call it “interfaith wedding” or “interfaith marriage.”

But sometimes, it is called a “mixed marriage” or “mixed wedding.”

When we speak (outside of the Ketubah world… back in the real-world!), probably the most common phrase is, “intermarriage.” Ketubah artists don’t say this much, but normal folk, do. Ketubah artists certainly aren’t normal :)

What’s interesting is the relationship between the word and Judaism. When these words are usually used, one partner is often Jewish, and one isn’t. But it can also refer to any combination: Muslim-Protestant, Hindu-Buddhist or you mix-and-match the religions!

Whatever word we use for the mixing and intermingling of everyone… we love it!

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