Study Says: Jewish Singles Cheat Less

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Today’s study of the day: Jewish Singles Cheat Less Than Their Christian Counterparts.

Here’s the key part:

A new survey released by JDate.com and Christian Mingle.com analyzes the patterns and behavior of the two major dating communities, including dating etiquette, social and familial influences on relationships and attitudes towards infidelity.

Eighty-four percent of Jewish respondents reported that they have never cheated in a relationship, as opposed to only 66 percent of Christian respondents.

Whoa! We could choose to interpret that positively of negatively. The negative interpretation would be, the study is being misleading towards the non-Jewish half of our relationships.

But here at Interfaith Ketubahs, we choose to interpret this positively: this is yet another reason why Jewish men and women are so wonderful to date! They are much more less likely to cheat on you than a Christian, according to the study, so, mazel tov: lets date them more!

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