Pope Francis Met with Jewish Committee Members… and it was Awesome!

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Recently Pope Francis welcomed the Jewish Committee Members to the Vatican, a continual effort to reach out to the Jewish community. Not only has he consistently worked to build relationships between the Jewish and Catholic communities, but he even specifically emphasizes the importance of Interfaith outreach.

Of course, our Interfaith Ketubah team loves this and we are totally behind better relationships between faiths — whether it be friendship, marriage, charity, or community. Some of our team members are from Argentina (where Pope Francis is from!!!) and we happen to also work with a lot of artists and couples who have connections to Argentina — we connect to this on so many different levels.

Pope Francis’ messaged was summed up with an invitation:

…To find ways in which Jews and Christians can cooperate in constructing a more just and fraternal world. 

An interfaith relationship opens up so many truly wonderful and beautiful things on both sides. Life is too short to not embrace the beauty of different foods, languages, beliefs, ideas, and cultures. And for us, an Interfaith Ketubah means TWICE the amount of awesome ideas to pull and incorporate into a work of art that is not only beautiful, but so so meaningful.

We loved this article and as always, continue to follow Interfaith news around the world. Click here to read the full article!

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