New This Week: The Claddagh Vines Ketubah!

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The Claddagh Vines Ketubah

We LOVE the Claddagh design… and none of us are even Irish! Something about a historic symbol representing love, friendship, and loyalty that really resonates with us, and probably a lot of other people too. Which is why we’re SO excited to launch a new Ketubah this week from one of our Interfaith artists, This Is Not A Ketubah — The Claddagh Vines Ketubah!

Wether one or both of you have Irish roots, or you simply just love the Celtic style — this Ketubah is the perfect representation of everything we love and work towards. Beautiful art blending cultures, languages, unique design, and most importantly, love. And what better design to have on your Ketubah? A symbol that represents love, friendship, and loyalty — the very foundation of a strong marriage and relationship! Not to mention… we LOVE the classic black and white style, the perfect color palette for a subtle romantic touch. Buy this Ketubah here!!!

Love the Celtic style, but looking for something different? Check out our Celtic Style Ketubah Gallery!

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