Interfaith Wedding & Ceremony Inspiration

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Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to plan the big day. Especially if you’re planning an Interfaith wedding… okay, that can take a LOT of inspiration! Depending on you and your partner, planning something like this can be uncharted territory. We tend to meet Interfaith couples from every end of the spectrum — some couples don’t include much of anything interfaith into their wedding, except maybe a few different traditions (like the Ketubah!). While other couples want to two different ceremonies for each of their beliefs.

Either way, we love the Knot’s Interfaith album for that very reason. It includes a great variety of couples with all different styles of weddings and beliefs! From extra small details to officiants and photography — these real weddings are the perfect way to become inspired and excited. Click to see The Knot’s Interfaith photos here!

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