Conservative Rabbis Opening the Door to Interfaith Couples?

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Top official conservative Rabbis are opening the discussion on Interfaith couples — specifically wether or not to participate in interfaith marriages. A proposal put forth by Rabbi Charles Simon is one of many efforts in order to allow non-jews to participate in life at the synagogue.

Why the change of heart? The Pew Research Center’s studies of American Jews found that the majority of young Jews don’t identify as conservative.

Another proposal talks about allowing premarital blessings or, “aufrufs” for intermarried couples and allowing clergy members to officiate these weddings as well! Rabbi Charles Simon proposes,

If a synagogue wants to continue to attract and provide meaningful services to a changing population, all of these points are things they have to think about…

We’re SUPER excited to hear that things are in the works to include interfaith couples openly and in all elements of Jewish life! We are firm believers in continually working towards a common goal and place that discusses and embraces the unique diversity among all kinds of cultures, religions, and ways of life. There’s no greater joy for us than to create an Interfaith Ketubah with multiple languages, texts, and cultural imagery — it truly is a beautiful symbol of diversity, faith, and love!

Want to hear more? Click here to read the whole article!

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