Balancing an Interfaith Marriage

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Here at Interfaith Ketubahs, we mostly write and post a lot about wedding ideas, planning inspirations and tips and Ketubahs of course! This week we thought we’d take a moment to share an awesome article and video about after the big party and signing of the Ketubah — when life happens. Afterall, the wedding is just the first step and mark of the beginning of the rest of your lives together. Then comes everyday life, work and for many, children! And let’s be brutally honest here for a second. For many, all of those different factors can be difficult on their own… that’s life when you’re married!

All of those on top of being an Interfaith couple and family can be even harder and more tricky. But we’ve found (like many other awesome couples out there!), that striking that perfect balance of respect, understanding and unconditional love can create and unlock even more exciting and new sides of your relationship with your wife or husband.

HuffPost Religion recently interviewed Susan Katz Miller, author of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family. She had a ton of insight and important things to say regarding Interfaith marriages. Her biggest secret to a successful Interfaith marriage?

“shared values and a lot of love…”

Watch the whole interview here and tell us what you think!

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