An Awesome New Interfaith Ketubah: The Dalecarlians Of Love Ketubah

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We love creating Interfaith Ketubahs — not only because we’re passionate about helping couples find their perfect Ketubah, but because there’s something truly beautiful about the blending of two cultures, beliefs, and lives. Whether there’s one couple who subscribes to the Jewish faith and their partner doesn’t or both partners subscribe to two different specific faiths, the ability to create a work of art that represents them both is truly exciting! Every so often (okay, probably on a weekly basis!), we come across Ketubahs that we really fall in love with. This week we’re excited to spot light The Dalecarlians of Love Ketubah — a Jewish Ketubah featuring Swedish folk art and the classic Swedish red horses:



This gorgeous design features a classic Swedish folk style — vibrant flowers and leaves framing the Ketubah text. The two Swedish horses perfectly represent the love that a couple shares. This stunning Swedish design is the perfect example of a beautiful Interfaith Ketubah — the blending of Jewish and Swedish culture! Click here to buy this Ketubah!

If you’re looking for the perfect Interfaith Ketubah — drop us a line. We’re ALWAYS looking for a great excuse to create something completely different and unique! :)

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