Awesome Interfaith Ketubah: Keep It Simple!

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We definitely don’t discriminate against any Ketubah designs, we love them all! Searching for the perfect Ketubah design can be really difficult, but let’s be honest — searching for the perfect Interfaith Ketubah can be SUPER tricky. Wanting something that honors the Ketubah tradition, without being too heavily Jewish (something that can represent both partners!), while also searching for a color palette or art style that you both absolutely love. I get tired just describing it…

If there’s one thing The Office (a favorite TV show within our team!) taught us, it’s the important of K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple Stupid! Sometimes simple can just be best. Our team put together a gallery of our favorite minimal designs — Ketubahs that contain just enough design and color to truly represent and highlight the Ketubah tradition, while not taking away from the beauty of an Interfaith union.

The Surrounded By Color Ketubah is definitely one of our favorites — it’s bright, it’s colorful… could you possibly need anything else?! Take a look at the Full Gallery Here!


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