• Tinak Size Guide


    Short answer: 16×24 is the classic size and a great size for most couples. Long answer: Keep reading below! We offer lots of sizes and would love to help you find the perfect size for you! See our size comparison analysis below, and see the image above (click here to enlarge), and if you want even more information, send us an email!

    We know that there are too many things to choose from when it come to buying a Ketubah, and most of the time, we have no idea which option is the right one, and when it comes to size how are you supposed to picture what the final Ketubah will look like if all you get a couple of numbers. I am going to try and compare the sizes for you to put each one into perspective, and hopefully allow you to make an informed decision.

    10×15 – This is our smallest, and most “easy to use” option. It is big enough to be hung on the wall but small enough to be filled away if you do not have enough space to hang it just yet. It is approximately the size of one of those super size cereal boxes.

    13×19.5 – This size is already large enough to include two texts, but won’t be drawing a lot of attention on a mantelpiece. The closest we can think of to relate this size to would be a placemat, but please don’t eat of your Ketubah :)

    16×21The Classic Ketubah Size! The standard size available for Ketubot, allows you to include two text options, it is just the right size for almost any wall in your house, allows for easy reading of the texts, and frames are readily available in any frame shop. This size can be compared to that of a Movie poster you might have had hanging in your college dorm and it is available in all our different materials.

    20×30 – An impressive piece of art that will draw you in, makes the perfect wall centerpiece balancing out the room, and providing a focal point. At this size you have the possibility of including 3 text options allowing you to include a language that represents your heritage, or a language you are deeply passionate about making this Ketubah unique just for you. This Ketubah has been compared to a small cottage’s window.