The Orange, Bleu et Vert Ketubah

Artist: TINAK
Material: Giclée (See All Material Options)
Text: See All Text Options
Size: 16” x 24” (other sizes available)
Price: $290.00 Guarantee: Full Refund Guarantee

The Dutch and the Jews have lived side by side for centuries, with their freedoms and fair, modern cultures growing hand in hand as well. This is represented amazingly in the simple Dutch art, and of course the many amazing and artistic Jews to have come from the Netherlands.

Into this sphere comes the Orange, Bleu, et Vert Ketubah — a Ketubah as simple Mondrian's standard work, but with great and subtle twists: powerful colors, new box combinations. This Ketubah is perfect for a couple who loves simple modern art, and wants a unique piece that stands out above the rest.

When it comes to an Interfaith Ketubah, you want to have the perfect design that beautifully blends not just your beliefs and interests, but your unique love and bond as well. This design will reflect your unique style, the dynamics and beauty of both of your beliefs, and the depth of your love!

All Ketubah Artists are members of the Artist Direct program! What does this mean? This means that each artist personally designs, numbers, and sends the Ketubah to you him/herself!
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