Great Tips for your Interfaith Passover

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At Interfaith Ketubahs not only are we celebrating the Jewish Pesach, but for many of our couples (and team!), this time of year also means Easter Passover as well! With so many Interfaith families and couples out there, we thought we’d put together a few helpful links to aid during this diverse, beautiful time!

  • Looking for a one-stop Calender to Jewish holidays? Want some great Torah readings or need help with Shabbat Times? Our Interfaith team loves using Hebcal.com to remember all the important holidays and traditions!
  • Even after years of celebrating Pesach, sometimes it’s easy to forget what goes into the Seder Table. Jewish Treats put together a list of each element necessary for the classic Seder Table. Not only that, but they also gave the history of each item, which we absolutely love! Look at the full list here!
  • And for all the Interfaith families out there — here are a few tips to make Seder dinner an all inclusive event. Whether it’s your friends, children, or in laws, these tips will give you a few great ideas on different things to do during Seder dinner to honor this beautiful time, as well as educate anyone who may not know Pesach traditions. Look at the full list here!

We hope this finds you at a great time — have a wonderful Pesach and Happy Easter!

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