Even more on Muslim-Jewish Intermarriages

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We’re on a roll with lots of information about Jewish-Muslim intermarriages, and their ketubahs!

Here’s another great article, from the Guardian in England, about how there’s a small but increasing number of Jewish-Muslim intermarriages in the UK.

An excerpt:

The one golden rule is for couples to discuss everything in advance – not just the honeymoon, but home rituals, initiation rites and the involvement of extended family – so that there are no running sores or unexpected hiccups.

And if successful Jewish-Muslim marriages in Britain can be a living example to their co-religionists in the Middle East that peace between them is possible, then maybe God will be smiling too.

This vision, of everyone mixing together, is a vision we love and support 1000% here at Interfaith Ketubahs.

Whether Jew-Muslim or Jew-Catholic or Jew-Hindu — or even Hindu-Muslim or Catholic-Protestant or any combination! — we think it’s wonderful when you follow your heart, and find your beshert (your destined soulmate, in Hebrew). No matter who or where he is!

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