Awesome Interfaith Ketubah: Your Favorite Skyline!

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san-francisco-skyline-ketubahThe San Francisco Skyline Ketubah

The Skyline Ketubah Series consists of gorgeous designs — from sunsets and starry nights to beautiful colors and architecture, these Ketubahs truly capture the beauty of a wide variety of cities! This Ketubah series from This Is Not A Ketubah is a beautiful way to represent your commitment and love. Many couples want something that not only represents them, but their love story as well. Wether you consider a particular city your “hometown” or are looking for a design that reminds you of an important memory in your relationship — make sure to take a look at the Skyline Ketubah Series! Our favorite Skyline? The San Francisco Skyline Ketubah (…what can we say, we have a LOT of Californians on our team!)

If you don’t see a particular Skyline you’re searching for — don’t let that stop you! We’re always looking for a reason to work and make a brand new design happen. Reach out to us and throw us your idea, we’d love to make your Ketubah dreams come true! :)



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